August 2, 2015, at exactly 4 in the morning, we bid our last farewell to one of the most amazing men we knew that ever existed, my lolo Pedro. He was the awesomest grandfather one could ever ask for. I miss him way too much. His loss left a void in my chest. I miss him, every day. Here is an open letter for you, Lolo. I love you.


Dearest Lolo Pedro,

I can’t believe I’m writing to you, with eyes damped and hands quaking over the keyboard. I miss you, we all do.

Your last night was the picture I cannot forget. You held my hand, full of encouraging strength. I know you wish us all well. You always do.


Thank you for being the corniest jokester that you were. I believe my dad and I got our sense of humor from the master, and that was you. Sobrang mamimiss ko rin yung mga time na you would blame us for the loud fart sound that you made. Times when you would crack a joke and we’ll pretend not to laugh just so you would shoot another one that’s even funnier. I miss your smile and the sound of your laughter. 😦

I know it was a tough year for you. Enduring all the pain. I knew you were scared, I also knew that you didn’t want to burden us, that’s why tinitiis mo lahat kahit sobrang sakit na. You would grimace and cry. Alam ko sobrang napagod ka na. You were open about it. There were days when you would tell us na ayaw mo na, na gusto mo ng magpahinga. Those days I would cry, because I don’t want to lose you. As a nurse, I have already accepted the fact that ESRD really is fatal. But as your granddaughter, I was stuck in the bargaining phase.

Losing you was one of the most heartbreaking chapter in my life. Di ko man laging sinasabi sayo personally, pero sobrang thankful ko kasi naging lolo kita.

I’ve been having flashbacks of our time in Sorsogon. And every time I dreamed of you, I’d wake up smiling because I knew you were in a much happier place now. I love you so much lolo. You were great.

Your legacy will forever live in our hearts and your stories will be passed on to the next generation.

Thank you for everything. I will love you, in this life and the next, even when we’re cats.

Until we meet again.


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