Artist Spotlight: Mico Apruebo

Hi everyone! I’m crap shooting a new category here in my blog site called “Artist Spotlight” ergo, the title of this post. It’s basically about the creative and talented people that I adore in the field of Art. He/She could be a dancer, singer, craftsman, painter, illustrator, photographer, author, potter, etc. 🙂
I have a deep appreciation for art. I adore beautiful things and dote on talented people.
Allow me to overshare my love for everything that I find artsy and awesome. Hihi :”>

Artist name: Mico Apruebo
Country: Philippines

Mico, is well, my boyfriend. Not being biased but I really do admire his talent. Hahaha! 😀 He’s a great artist. I’ve never met anyone who can just doodle something so magical in just a few minutes. He is amazing and am so proud of him.
His passion for drawing is ineffable. Whenever people ask him to draw something, it’s like he has this million-page picture reference. He could instantly sketch a breathtaking landscape without wincing. Hands down, one of the most talented people I know.
Below are some of his works. Hope you find them amazing too. Ciao! 😉







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